Build team ROCKERS TEAM, Founded on the original form of the final Windows 7 Ultimate. from the original image nothing is deleted, added many additions and changes to the system. Installation is fully automatic - after selecting the partition. When installing a choice of system architecture - x86 or x64. System to assign the original style of decoration NVIDIA Edition, new themes, icons packs by default, apply some registry tweaks to speed up system performance and stability of its work.
 Language system default - English. Russian language pack is enclosed in a separate archive. It can be set to have the English version through the control panel and menu "Regional and Language Options". There is a point set of other language packs. You can also integrate Russian LP using Windows AIK directly in the image. In the Internet there are lots of information about how to do it. It is not hard to language pack you need to select the same architecture as the system, depending on the kind of architecture has been selected to install (x86 or x64)

Year: 2010
Version: 7600.16385
Platform: x86/X64
Developer: Microsoft / ROCKERS TEAM
Language: ENG RUS LP x86 and x64
Register: Free

Minimum System Requirements:
? 1GB RAM (Recommended 2GB RAM for 64-Bit)
? 20 GB of HDD space
? 128 MB Graphics Memory (Capable to run Aero)
? Pixel Shader 2.0
? Dual Core Processors with 86-64 Bit OS Capable
. Active Internet Connection (For Activation and Updates)

Features, overview and updates:
* New Windows Sounds
* New High quality icons
* NVIDIA Tweaker from Rockers Team
* Improved Texture quality for NVIDIA cards
* More clear picture quality than normal view
* Reduced Gaming crashes
* Disabled Apply Colors At Startup
* Consume low power
* All the latest updates are patched Manually.
* Resolved a Windows 7 Media Center issue for systems configured for ISDB broadcasts.
* Supports all future updates and packages
* Resolved some reliability issues in Windows 7
* Resolved compatibility issues
* Adobe Flash Player plug-in
* Black and blue Background Shells
* Codings and scripts are updated for Gaming level (This option is available only in Rockers Team Customized windows and not available in any other customized OS)
* More Stable and Reliable
* UAC Disabled
* Large Icons Control panel
* New Look for Windows Media Player
* New Shortcut Arrows
* Show extensions for known file types
* Enabled IE Phishing Filter
* User Account 2 on Control Panel
* Low Memory consumption
* Enabled Glass Effect without a supported card
* Windows will tell you exactly what it is doing when it is shutting down or is booting
* Added command prompt to right click context menu
* Enabled addition Avalon effects
* Disabled Tool Tips
* Enabled ClearType Tuning
* Added 'Copy to Folder', 'Move to Folder', 'Open with Notepad' to right click context
* Disabled Windows Media Player AutoUpdates
* Menu bars and window frames opaque
* Enabled slow-motion window effects
* Added "Advanced System Properties" in my Computer
* Added Control Panel to my Computer
* Faster browsing with IE
* DEP execution is set to Default
* Disabled the NTFS Last Access Time Stamp
* Disabled kernel paging
* Both 32 and 64 Bit Integrated
* All Latest Drivers Integrated
* 7-zip for extraction purpose.
* Adobe Flash Player plugin
* Adobe Flash Player ActiveX
* Orbit Downloader
* Java Runtime Environment Update 17
* ImgBurn
* Added Group policy and Registry editor to control panel
* Updated DirectX to August 2009
* Mozilla Firefox 3.5
* Low Memory consumption
* Turned off system beeps
* Stopped caching negative responses
* Take Ownership, Device manager, Group policy, Registry Editor in the right click
* Fully Automated setup you need to choose language and partition only.
* Patched uxtheme files to use 3rd party themes.
* Faster Shutdown (3 seconds services kill timeout.)
* Fast Booting Time
* Add Useraccounts 2 on ControlPanel.
* PowerOff after shutdown
* New High quality Icons
* Changed command line text color to white
* Set mouse pointer speed to maximum
* Removed the annoying clicking sound
* Disabled automatic restart in the event of a blue screen
* Tweaked up shell response
* Hibernation is Disabled.
* Added "Advanced System Properties" in my Computer
* Added Control Panel to my Computer
* Added Administrative Tools to my Computer
* Added Internet Explorer to my Computer
* Added Network Connections to my Computer
* Added Search to my Computer
* Added Printers to my Computer
* Added Run and Windows Flip Switcher to my Computer
* Removed warning about showing hidden system folders
* Shutdown when you click power Button on start Menu
* Maximum simultaneous downloads for IE to 20 (default is 2)
* New look for Windows Media Center
* New Explorer View
* Allow renaming and removing of Recycle Bin
* Makes a right click option for unknown files
* Notepad saves window position
* Opens 16-bit apps in a separate memory space. This increases stability when dealing with 16-bit apps.
* Enabled Word wrap in Notepad
* Enabled Status Bar in all windows
* NVIDIA Drivers Added
* New Themes
* 255 Sidebar Gadgets
* Enabled search system folders in Search
* System Files are boosted upto maximum Performance
* Removed Old Default Graphics card drivers
* Faster Application load Time
* Improved the performance and reliability
* Disabled the NTFS Last Access Time Stamp
* Disabled kernel paging
* Windows Update service disabled
* Turned off system beeps
* Stopped caching negative responses
* Take Ownership, Device manager, Group policy, Registry Editor in the right click
* Specifies the time, following user input, during which the system keeps apps from moving into the foreground.
* No components removed

Password :

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- Compatible with different versions of Windows, including Windows 7.


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Recently a company called Connectify able to do this for users of software called Connectify Dispatch action. The application of the data to your computer through multiple connections simultaneously sends. This software allows you to use your PC as a modem to the PC or Wi-Fi to use several different devices. And the free version of this software allows users to share between your Wi-Fi connection.


Remote Desktop Manager is a small application, but useful in the management of all remote connections and virtual systems that can help you a lot. You can use it to add, edit, delete, share, categorize and find a remote connection quickly do. This software with Microsoft Remote Desktop, Terminal Services, VNC, LogMeIn, Team Viewer, Ftp, SSH, Telnet, Dameware, X Window, VMware, Virtual PC, PC Anywhere, Hyper-V, Citrix, Radmin, Microsoft Remote Assistance, Sun Virtual Box and is compatible.


Guide for Installation:

1. Extract rar files
2. Mount or Burn
3. Reboot
4.Then press any key
5. Format and Install
6. Enjoy your new XP :)


[Software INFO:]

Wise Care 365 Pro 2.43.191 Multilanguage | 8.1 MB

Wise Care 365 is a bundle of important registry, disk, and other system utilities for your PC. Easy to use and effective, Wise Care 365 is the best solution to improve your PC's performance. Get Wise Care 365 and your computer will never run slow again!

What can Wise Care 365 do?
• Clean up, defragment and optimize the Windows Registry
• Defragment and free up space on your hard disk
• Protect your privacy by erasing personal tracking data
• Recover lost files
• Hide important files or folders
• Prevent unauthorized use of personal applications
• Auto shut down your PC
• Free up Memory to boost game and enterprise software performance
• Simple "One Click Tune-up" option will optimize your PC

OS : Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, win 7 and win 8 including 32 and 64 bits.
Language : Multilanguage


Step 1: Please use 7Zip/WinRAR/Universal Extractor to EXTRACT FILES.
Step 2: run the setup
Step 3: Use the key generator to generate a valid serial.

Winrar 5.00 Beta 2 Activated Multi Edition

Only Single Setup Which include 64 and 32 files.

Install 64 bit files on 64 bit operating system

Install 32 bit files on 32 bit operating system

Reg Key Already Inserted

Now Why You save two different setups for 32 bit and 64 bit

Now use this setup which can work for 32 and 64 bit systems

Also update version mode

with update version checked option it will be a portable winrar no uninstall file

will created in control panel


[Software INFO:]

Internet Lock 6.0.4 | 655.94 Kb

Internet Lock is an access control and password protection solution for your internet connections and programs. With Internet Lock, you can fully control the internet connections and programs on your computer.

By using Internet Lock, you can restrict or password protect internet access, schedule internet access, protect internet programs on certain IP addresses or domains, limit users to access only the websites you specified, or keep them from accessing the unwanted websites.

Restrict internet connections and programs

You can use Internet Lock to restrict internet connections and programs. Programs blocked by Internet Lock will not be able to access the internet.

Internet Lock supports to protect all internet programs including, but not limited to:

-Web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and so on.
-Email clients: Outlook, Outlook Express...
-FTP programs.
-Instant Messenger.
-And all other internet programs.

Password protect internet programs

You can use Internet Lock to password protect internet programs and connections. Users must provide the correct password in order to use the protected programs to access internet.

When a password protected program tries to connect to internet, Internet Lock pops up a password window to ask user to enter password. If the user can not provide the password or the password is incorrect, Internet Lock blocks the connection and the program cannot access internet.
Schedule internet access

With Internet Lock, you can schedule internet access for internet programs and connections. Examples:

-Only allow users to access internet every day 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM.
-Block internet access every Saturday and Sunday.
-Users must provide password to access internet after 10:00 PM.
-And many more combinations to protect internet access daily, weekly or monthly.

NOTE: Keygens, patches, Activators, Cracks, Loaders etc are always scanned with Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 Latest Version to Avoid Virus Issues. Different Antiviruses may give different results

Step 1: unpack rar archive
Step 2: run the setup
Step 3: Use the given key to activate
Step 4: Enjoy and Support Developers, Buy It, They Deserved It!

Update Seeds and Leechers Stats ALways to See Correct Seed Count

Please use WINRAR or 7zip to EXTRACT FILES. Thank You . If WINRAR or 7zip not works for those having problems unpacking, try this -->



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