This tutorial will guide you to verify your Paypal using Smart Money.

Smart Money..Apply here

Let's begin..

1. Go to your Paypal then under Profile, click "Add/Edit Credit Card"

2. Fill up the desired fields. In the Card Type Drop box chose MasterCard.

3. Before You click the "Add Card", Go first to your phone and look for "Smart Menu", Under it chose "Smart Money", then look for " Internet Txns" 
Then "unlock".select your card name.. enter your w-pin (a confirmation will be send to you that your smart money is now unlock for online transactions)

4. Now back to your Paypal, this time you may now click the "Add Card"

5. Click on "Confirm My Card" (wait for the will be send to your phone..for me it took 5 mins.just wait..and this time paypal get 100 PHP to your smart money account..don't worry it paypal will return that amount after the process is done)

6. After you received the code..enter it! then tick "Confirm Card "

7 Congratulation!!! Your Paypal is Verified :)

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